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4th Story Publishing is a small, niche book publisher created for middle-grade, young adult, and adult works of fiction. We represent nearly all genres of books including fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, horror, and romance. Simply put... we believe in great stories. 

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The Mice Storm

Flynn’s life is turned upside down when he is placed in a foster home shortly before the worst winter storm in a century. He had been an ordinary 10-year-old until a car crash took his parents and left him in a wheelchair with a broken leg. His only friend is Gray, a wise-cracking mouse with a big city attitude. who is determined to keep him safe. The boy is lost, confused, and angry at the hand he’s been dealt. But his spirits are lifted when they discover a faction of mice that are living in the foster home. These house mice are being hunted by an angry tribe of field mice who are dead-set on their annihilation.

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Timothy K. Clark

Author of The Mice Storm

He's the author of our featured book "The Mice Storm". As well as being a published writer, Tim is also a digital marketing guru as well as a photographer, videographer, and editor. He is currently working on the sequel "The Mice Storm Returns" as well as the romantic comedy "Come Get Me".

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The Mice Storm Returns

The story starts off a few months after the end of "The Mice Storm". All is not well with the new tribe of mice and they are faced with a new enemy... rats! Mice hate rats. And the ominous leader of this rat colony has a master plan that may bring down an entire city. Will the mice be able to stop them in time?