How Important is Segmentation in your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing ServicesThe answer is that it's vital.

Don't send another email until you've thought about segmenting who you are sending to and why you're invading their inbox.

Let's start with what segmentation is when it comes to your email marketing efforts. As the name implies, segmentation is when you divide a list of contacts from your database into smaller groups based on similarities.

What are the similarities? They are the data you’ve gathered, either directly or indirectly, about your contacts and their companies. If they fill out a form, follow you on social media, email you questions, or converse with a chat-bot on your website then you have direct data from these contacts. Indirect data comes from your analytics and shows the type of device they use to browse your site, the number of page visits of your latest case study, or views of your YouTube video.

Most of this information makes up what is called the Buyer Persona. According to Hubspot, the Buyer Persona is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.”

This persona is important because it gives your marketing someone to focus on. You’ll know the persona’s demographics, motivations, and behavior patterns. Armed with this information, you can optimize your site, create effective content, and craft the best emails.

So, knowing your Buyer Persona is one of two big factors you need for proper segmentation. The other is what’s known as the Buyer’s Journey.

What is the Buyer’s Journey? It’s simply the progression someone makes from the acknowledging a need, to researching options, to deciding on the best vendor and to, finally, making a purchase. It’s important to know where your contacts are in the journey when it comes to segmenting your email.

Before you hit “Send” on that next email, make sure you have more than an end goal in mind. Simply blasting to everyone in your contact database is a waste of time and harmful to your reputation.

The goal of segmentation is to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. When you know who your ideal customer is and where they are in the process of buying, you can deliver the most effective content to ensure your email marketing succeeds.

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