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Promote Your Business on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & More

The popularity of social media will probably never wane. Social media platforms may come and go but people love to stay connected with family, friends and even celebrities.

You need to take advantage of the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the others. You need to regularly post content and you need to promote your business with paid advertising.  At 4th Story Marketing, we take the guesswork out of how to reach the billions of people on these sites. We can set up your accounts or optimize existing ones. We do the same with the social media ad management platforms.

  • Set-up/Review Social Media Accounts
  • Create Custom Posts (New & Curated Posts)
  • Monitor the Accounts for Follows, Replies, Messages & Reviews
  • Promote Social Media Posts
  • Create Monthly Timeline Promotions
  • Report on Social Media Traffic and Conversions
  • Develop Ad Campaigns on Required Social Media Accounts
    • For example, Facebook Ads:
      • Create Ad Concept and Copy
      • Manage Budget
      • Manage and Optimize Bids
      • Create Graphic Designs for Images/Campaigns
      • Target Effective Audiences
      • Optimize Ads to Maximize Results
      • Test Multiple Ads (Images, Text, Landing Pages, etc.)
  • Set-up Goal Tracking
  • Report on Social Media Posting and Advertising

Let us help you maximize the power of behemoths like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all the platforms that will matter to your business.  We want to help lead social media users to your site to convert them into paying customers. Our goal is to show you a return on the money you spend.

Ready to earn more from social media?

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