What is CRO and Why Does Every Business Website Need It?

CRO? Yet another acronym for business owners to focus on in this ever-changing, chaotic world of marketing?

Almost every business owner knows about SEO. A few are still a bit fuzzy on PPC.

But CRO? What is that?!

It stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. The main goal for any B2B or B2C website is to generate sales or, at least, bring in more prospects. Marketers do what they can to bring traffic to a website hoping to achieve that goal. But most fail to go beyond generating more traffic.

To optimize a website for conversions means you've got to:

  • Review an existing or in-development site
  • Create an optimal strategy that will turn traffic into sales or prospects
  • Implement design and/or content changes that improve the sales funnel
  • Test alternative design/text choices to see what works best
  • Track the results
  • Report the data
  • Analyze the gains

Rinse, lather, repeat. Until you've optimized most areas of your website and you've created a better sales funnel that generates more and more deals.

Most marketing agencies will preach about search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that increase visitors, impressions and organic traffic. Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing firms talk about how they'll boost clicks, click-through-rates and lower cost-per-clicks.

But the only thing that really matters is conversions.

Whether you want your site visitors to download your guide, buy your e-commerce product, or fill out your lead-gen "Contact Us" form you want more of those conversions. Make sure your in-house team or your marketing company is working toward improvement to that funnel:

  • Tell your visitors what you want them to do (your Call-to-Action)
  • Let them know exactly - without jargon or sales-speak - what you can do for them
  • Have only 1 Call-to-Action (Buy Now, Download This, Schedule an Appointment)
  • Test new calls-to-action text, button color, button size, etc.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find your phone number, e-mail address, Contact form
  • Have CTAs throughout your website - on your About Us page, your blog post, everywhere
  • Make sure your site and pages load quickly
  • Don't talk about Me, Me, Me. Tell them how you are going to make their lives better

That is CRO. Optimize for your visitors so you can bring in and close more deals.


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