Why Are You Sending That Email?

Marketing Email Tips and TricksIf your business is doing any email marketing outreach, you must always ask this question - Why are we sending this email?

We prefer our clients to ask themselves this very important question and... we usually get responses like this: "We want to let people know about our new product" or "We're inviting them to attend our webinar" or "We're offering a new discount to our customer base."

What these business owners are actually  saying with these responses is "We want to make more money."

To be honest, there's really nothing wrong with the mindset of increasing revenue and boosting profit. It's why most companies are in business.

But it's the wrong way to go about your email marketing strategy. Yes, you want to earn more. Everyone does. However, the smart way to earn more is to solve the problems your potential customers are experiencing or meet their needs in some way. When you do that... the money follows.

Before you send out another email, ask yourself why you are doing it.

4 Questions to Ask on Every Email You Send

1 - What is my Goal? You should always set a goal for each email you send as part of your overall marketing campaign. There should only be one goal and every part of your email should be optimized toward that one goal.

2 - Who will Benefit from this Email? Once you have a goal in mind, ask yourself if that goal is a benefit for you or for your potential client/customer. If it's not aimed at alleviating their pain points then make adjustments to your goal. Don't promote your company while inviting people to attend your webinar - show them how attending this event will help them. Don't just send out a coupon, give a special discount to thank loyal customers who have been with you since the beginning. Be helpful and build trust.

3 - What Value Will My Prospects Receive? Provide your readers with content they can't get any where else and that helps them solve problems. Consider providing them with information that does not reflect a product or service you offer. Tips and how-to's, guides, infographics, videos, articles... any thing that helps them earn more or fix their issues. Make it relevant, useful, and helpful. If your email doesn't provide that then you might want to reconsider before hitting send.

4 - Does it Fit In with Our Other Email Communications? Set up expectations for what you will send to people when they subscribe or give your their email address. Let them know you'll be sending out useful information from time to time. Be consistent with your messages so that the look and feel, as well as the content contained within, fit in with the "voice" of your company. If your company normally deals with legal or financial issues, and sends email out with a constant conservative tone, you'll want to avoid an email that contains a funny office video of your latest Happy Hour event. Likewise, if you're known for consistently humorous emails that demonstrate your lively office culture, you'll want to stay away from serious messages that don't match that tone.

To truly get a decent return on investment on the emails you send, you need to provide value and build trust. You need to be consistent. You need to not make the message just about you or your company. Send valuable content, ask questions or conduct a survey, personalize the email to each Buyer Persona and where they are in the Buyer's Journey. Basically, ask yourself if you would want to get your own email in your inbox.

Always ask questions before you hit send. You'll see better results when you do.


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