You’re Going to Jail

I had a conversation with a lawyer recently who wanted to hire us to help with his digital marketing goals:

Lawyer: I’d like a new website and maybe some SEO. Although SEO didn’t do much for my last site.

Me: I get that. But let’s think of this in legal terms.

Lawyer: Okay. That I can understand!

Me: You’ve been busted for a crime and you need to hire a lawyer. If you choose a big, powerful law firm with a great reputation that’s full of attorneys with great educations and backgrounds– —

Lawyer: I’m going to spend a LOT of money.

Me: Yes, but with their expertise you won’t go to jail. If you go with a lawyer with a bad reputation, a poor track record of winning cases (or worse – has never tried a case), but charges the bare minimum?

Lawyer: I see your point…

Me: And if that sketchy lawyer has a pony-tail?

Lawyer: I’m going to jail.

Top Digital Marketer in ColumbusInvest in your services, your business, your online presence and you’ll get a quality return. Go with a lazy, inexperienced, fly-by-night SEO firm and you will get what you paid for. Even if you don’t go with 4th Story Marketing, make sure you go with a digital marketing company that can develop a strategy to help you generate more prospects and close more deals. Make sure they can execute the strategy and then show you the results. 

Many cheap SEO companies send out blanket e-mails filled with promises they have no intention of delivering on (“Rank #1 on Google!“) and then make excuses when you don’t see those results. 

Talk to us if you don’t want to put your business in online jail.


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